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Kashmir – Visit before the Hordes Return

Kashmir - located in India but with a distinct culture, had been a popular tourist destination before it was torn apart for many years by violence. But the area is starting to heal, and has Read More »

What is the Future of Times Square?

New York's Times Square is one of the most visited locations in the world, for better or worse. ¬†And it's attractions have changed over time, from glamorous to sleazy to Disneyfied to the crazy Read More »

A Trip Through the Heart of Darkness?

You've heard about those glamorous African safaris, right? Taking a trip down the Congo River lets you see the Africa that Africans actually live, which is much more about survival, corruption, Read More »

Vancouver – The Best of the City and Nature?

When you think of great city/scenic combinations, perhaps Rio comes to mind. Great, heavily used beaches surrounded by mountains and the famous Christ statue. But also favelas and plenty of crime Read More »