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The Affects of Currency on Travel

Most people travel when they have to, for business or family reasons, or when they are taking scheduled vacation time for leisure. ┬áBut you should also pay attention to the affects of currency Read More »

Were We Wrong About Hawaii?

The most interesting articles challenge what we thought we knew. For instance, the conventional wisdom among sophisticated travelers is that you go to Hawaii to visit Kauai, the garden island, Read More »

What is Real, and What is Fake?

In the context of the Chinese city of Chengdu writer Christopher Beam explores the interesting issue of what is real and what is fake? In a country like China, known for copying consumer goods Read More »

Got a Year and $75K?

A travel agency is offering an interesting round the world trip that takes a full year, and at $75,000 for 365 days is a relative bargain. The 34 countries you would visit include Argentina, Read More »