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Niagara Falls: America’s Must-See Natural Wonder Is Getting a $40 Million Makeover

The view of American Falls, which drops about 176 feet, from Goat Island. Ian Patterson for The Wall Street Journal Read More »

The 350K-Mile-A-Year-Life: Suitcases And Culture Shock

Felipe Neira always wanted a job that would let him circle the globe, so while other Chilean students at his Santiago university took up more conventional summer jobs, Neira signed up to be a Read More »

St Michael’s Mount, located half a mile south off the Cornish coast, can be accessed on foot – but only at low tide.

Many travellers have heard of Mont St-Michel, the fortified medieval monastery perched on an island in Normandy, France, that you can walk to when the tide is out. More surprising is that England Read More »

San Juan preserve offers whale-watching hikes minus the crowds

The view toward Haro Strait and Canada, from Limekiln Preserve on San Juan Island. (San Juan County Land Bank) Read More »