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CES 2017: Tech Preview Of Las Vegas’s Biggest Launches

CES provides a first glimpse at the future. Pretty much all of the tech giants attend the vast Vegas expo - either to unveil new products or to clinch deals Read More »

Seasteading: Tech Leaders’ Plans For Floating City Trouble French Polynesians

Peter Thiel helped launch the Seasteading Institute, which has announced a deal with the French Polynesian government in its quest to build a floating city. Read More »

Bionic Legs And Smart Slacks: Exoskeletons That Could Enhance Us All

TV presenter Sophie Morgan, who was paralysed in a car crash, walks using Rex, a hands-free robotic device. Photograph: Teri Pengilley for the Guardian Read More »

China’s Wanxiang Gets Approval To Produce Karma Electric Cars

An employee works at a production line at a Wanxiang electric vehicle factory in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, January 22, 2014. Read More »