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How Battery-Powered Rides Could Transform Your Commute

A new wave of electric-powered vehicles—scooters, longboards, unicycles—is ready to whisk you from your mass-transit stop to your final destination. But are cities ready? Read More »

These Gloves Translate Sign Language Into Text & Speech In Real Time

While most college undergraduates are spending their free periods on Facebook, two remarkable students have used their spare time to pioneer an invention that may Read More »

Experimental Solar-Powered Plane Completes Journey Across The Pacific

Solar Impulse 2 pilots Bertrand Piccard (right) and Andre Borschberg celebrate after Piccard landed their solar-powered plane at Moffett Field in Mountain View, Read More »

Scientists Generate Power from Walking

University of Wisconsin scientists have developed a system to harvest some of the power generated by walking humans. The system fits into the sole of a sneaker, Read More »