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Flat lens promises possible revolution in optics

A flat lens made of paint whitener on a sliver of glass could revolutionise optics, according to its US inventors. Read More »

Inventing A Machine That Spits Out Drugs In A Whole New Way

In a lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, all the work that happens in a vast pharmaceutical manufacturing plant happens in a device the size of your Read More »

New Solar Plants Generate Floating Green Power

A rendering from Kyocera of the solar panels on the Yamakura Dam reservoir in Japan. If construction goes as planned, 50,904 panels will float atop the reservoir, Read More »

NASA’s Kepler telescope confirms a record-breaking 1,284 new planets

NASA scientists announced 1,284 new exoplanets at a news conference on Tuesday — candidates found by the Kepler Space Telescope that have now been confirmed with 99 Read More »