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Mars Had Ancient Lakes That Evaporated To Form Veins On Red Planet’s Surface

Scientists used the Mars Curiosity rover to explore Yellowknife Bay in Gale Crater on Mars, examining the mineralogy of veins that were once filled with groundwater. Read More »

Think Off-Road Biking’s Too Tough For You? These Mountain Bikes Will Change Your Mind

With improved suspensions and frame designs, the latest mountain bikes are making riding off-path accessible to all. A guide to the best trail, fat-tire and electric Read More »

Kurian speeds Oracle deep into the cloud

Oracle executive Thomas Kurian, at the company’s headquarters in Redwood, Calif., has the task of integrating NetSuite into Oracle’s efforts to expand its Read More »

Degas’ Mysterious Portrait Revealed: How X-Rays Help Find ‘Old’ Artwork

Modern X-ray imaging technology gives art historians and scientists the opportunity to view hidden masterpieces in full color. Read More »