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About Taxpayer Treasure Hunt

Our aim is to help ordinary citizens follow the United States federal budget. As a taxpayer, you fund the budget – you should know how your money is being spent.
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Phase One: The Total Cost of the Whole White House

As the federal government´s activities varied and broad, the first section of the Federal Budget we are focusing on is the Total Cost of the Whole White House. This is a tiny portion of the federal budget, but it's an important symbolic starting point. In a democracy, accountability should include everyone – even the president.

This includes 23 different categories:
(These categories are based on the research of the Bush White House by long time White house administrator and scholar Bradley Patterson. Read more about his work)

This site is not about ideology – various contributors may favor or oppose individual government programs.

We are about facts and numbers; where dollars are actually going.

The US government and others provide excellent general information at a high level about government spending, but we're going to go in to much more detail. (For big picture information or general overviews, visit the government sites at and

Think of this wiki as a treasure hunt; it's our treasure, and we're on the hunt to find out how it's actually being used.

Most Recent Treasure Finds

Expense Amount Date Modified
White House Redecoration $100,000 each term$100,000 each term October 30, 2010 October 30, 2010
Special Missions (including WHCA) (2009) $154,693,000$154,693,000 April 19, 2010 April 19, 2010
Special Missions (including WHCA) (2010) $149,120,000$149,120,000 April 19, 2010 April 19, 2010
Total Commission of the White House Fellowships Cost (2010) $542,058$542,058 April 18, 2010April 18, 2010
VC-25 (Air Force One) depot maintenance induction (2011 estimated) $44,300,000$44,300,000 April 18, 2010April 18, 2010
Cost of Detailees (2008) $227,436$227,436 April 14, 2010April 14, 2010
Cancellation of Marine One Procurement $85,000,000$85,000,000 April 12, 2010April 12, 2010
Flowers $252,000$252,000 April 12, 2010April 12, 2010
Obama's Valentine's weekend trip $246,908$246,908 April 12, 2010 April 12, 2010
Total 2010 Budget for the President's Unanticipated Needs $1,000,000$1,000,000 April 12, 2010April 12, 2010
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  • Much of our initial research has been based on 'The Cost of the Whole White House' chapter from the book To Serve The President: Continuity and Innovation in the White House Staff. This chapter contains critical research on the Bush White House by long time White House administrator and scholar Bradley Patterson