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This 5 Year Old is Bigger than her Dad!

Or at least tougher. When a sports star celebrates, sometimes you feel like reminding them they haven’t cured cancer. But football star Devon Still is hoping that Read More »

2015 Track and Field Championships – For the US, Not So Great

Sometimes the stars just don't align, and that's the case for the US track and field team in Beijing as they try to get ready for next year's Olympics in Rio. Read More »

How Tough is the NFL? Not so much

When you think of the National Football League you think of tough men throwing their bodies at each other, regardless of harm, right? In the old days, yeah. But now? Read More »

Preventing Running Injury

Running can be great exercise, especially when combined with strength training. But many runners suffer injuries, which is due more to poor form than the inherent Read More »