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Ordinary Woman Sets Extraordinary Record

At first glance Becca Pizzie does not seem like an extraordinary woman. She's a single mother who operates a day care and manages an ice cream shop. And, oh yeah, Read More »

Blatt Wins Big – Not Big Enough

The NBA team made famous by Lebron James is expected to win, pretty much all the time. In his first year as coach, David Blatt took his team to the NBA finals. This Read More »

World’s Tallest Opera Lovers

Pau Gasol and Nikola Mirotic share an unusual combination of interests. Both play for the NBA's Chicago Bulls. And both are regulars at the Chicago opera and Read More »

Tom Brady and the Pursuit of Perfection

When Tom Brady asks someone to "play catch" it's not a casual thing. He started as the 199th pick in the draft and is now arguably the NFL's biggest star. This is Read More »