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'Lassoing Wild Horses' (1898), by Solon Hannibal Borglum. National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
“It’s as if the devastation of the West were an inevitable natural disaster rather than the product of vicious programs and policies of business and government.”
New York Times Art Critic, criticizes curators for what white, Euro-American civilization did and was doing to the native people, animals and plants of North America
Source: Wall Street Journal, January 29, 2014
Say What?

Hmmm, so the American West was a sparsely populated area where Indians glorified violence and warfare.  And that evil Euro-American civilization turned the American West into a peaceful and hugely productive area supporting millions of people, including farms that feed much of the world, and vast parks such as Yellowstone. 


Indeed, we bow our heads in shame, as should any artist involved in glorifying the American West.

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