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Beauty And The Creative Beast

[caption id="attachment_27590" align="alignleft" width="201"] Photo Credit: Wikipedia Fair Use[/caption] Since the dawn of media, stories have featured an average, or below average, looking middle aged man who somehow entrances a young beautiful woman. This has everything to do with the fact ...

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Men's Journal: Derek Cianfrance, A Gritty Visionary Breaks Out

[caption id="attachment_27579" align="alignleft" width="155"] Photo Credit: Nick Step[/caption] This article is a great Men's Journal article about a filmmaker with integrity who has certainly paid his dues. Our kinda guy, won't do a rape scene....

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A New Low for the Magazine World

[caption id="attachment_27588" align="alignleft" width="192"] Photo Credit: Men's Journal[/caption]We understand that magazines are losing ad dollars to the digital world and are increasingly desperate to make up that loss, but, still. Men's Journal March 2015 plumbs a new low by featuring a ...


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Arguments in the Middle of the Night

Its two o’clock in the morning, you and your girlfriend are in your apartment, arguing, and she announces she is going home. You try to dissuade her. She insists. Very well. But no matter what you’ve been arguing about, and no matter that you’re tired, and naked, and not particularly feeling ...

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Manly Manners Book

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Yahoo personal

Ok now, I like to think of myself as a "modern day woman", and I have my education, and I work full time, making my own no I'm not a gold digger lol. But I still have old fashioned beliefs that I will always stand by and expect from the opposite sex. Like the basics...guy opens door ...

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Manly Manners

Manly Manners (Index)

What does it mean to be a man now? When Donald Trump can be elected president despite bragging about groping women, not to mention the crass displays of wealth for which he is known, is the idea of a being a gentleman, or modesty, archaic? Most men are still providers, but often earn less than ...

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Does a Man Ever Cry?

A poll in in June of 2006 showed that:3% of men thought that men should never cry because it showed weakness49% of men thought it was okay to cry if you found out your wife was unfaithful82% of men thought it was okay to cry if someone close to you died64% thought it was okay ...

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Get a Room

Like ostentatious spending, it often seems that public displays of affection are more about showing off than lust or affection. And like wealth, passion is something best displayed in private. PDAs are really just a form of bragging; but is it really so impressive that you have a lover, and ...

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