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Gas, Not Electric, Cars?

Everyone is focused on electric cars replacing gas in the future. But radical new advances in science may mean that it's natural gas, not electricity, that powers cars 10 years from now. The key is a new powder in which one gram can have a surface area as big as a football field, which means ...

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When is marketing really fraud?

When does business cross the line from marketing to fraud? It's not unusual to find buildings that use a street address that isn't really the street you enter on, simply because that street name is more famous and thus marketable.  And when a car model, like the Audi on this image, is announced ...

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Something Crazy?

Let's assume something crazy happens - this Rolls Royce was on the streets of New York. But by crazy, what we really mean is let's assume you did something really off the wall - not made a ton of money, because there are a lot of rich fools in New York. Let's say you're not an investment banker ...

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The Saudi King has Announced You have One Hour to Leave the Country

Due to a difference of opinion regarding the chastity of the Princess, his daughter. The airports are closed to you. If you don't get out within the deadline, you'll be beheaded, but something other than your head will be the first to go. This new model Alfa Romeo is the car you use for your ...

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Viagra for Car Lovers

The Mercedes-AMG GT S. It is unconscionably expensive. And if you don't go to Hell for spending over $130K on a car, you're sure to burn for buying a car that still burns gas; and, no doubt, quite a bit of it. But like that hot woman that you knew would burn you, you just can't say no. ...

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Average MPH in Asian Cities

Shanghai - 10.1 mphHong Kong - 12.4 mphTokyo - 13.4 mph...

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Manly Manners Book

Money – Spending it

“As long as we measure others and ourselves by what we have and how we look, life is inevitably a discouraging experience, characterized by greed, envy, and a desire to be someone else.” (Gordon Livingston)Whether a man is a gentleman has nothing to do with the size of his bank account, or the ...

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