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Washington's War on the Young?

By building a huge government debt that can essentially never be repaid, is Washington burdening future generations?...

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Sexy Skin 1,000 Years Ago

This look, just skin and jewels, is not for everyone, but reminds us that hot bodies and showing a lot of flesh, and a well developed back is not exactly a new development. This sculpture from the Freer Museum in Washington is an Indian queen, circa 990. ...

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Celine Does Cool Suit for Women - Not so Easy

What is this? A suit? Not really. But it does have pants and a jacket. Mostly though, we dig the cool belt. Maybe this chick does karate? Maybe not. But we like the look. Normally a jacket and pants on women we think Hillary Clinton, and not in a good way. Or Washington no-nonsense bureaucrat. ...


Smart People Say The Stupidest Things

Claire Messud, Author, on her move to Washington DC.

From the review: “I had been the one saying, ‘We need to move to the United States,’ ” Messud says, mocking her own complaint in a whining, mousy voice. “But I didn’t mean Washington! And I was miserable there, miserable. I always felt that all the people who you knew and hadn’t been friends ...


This is Democracy? Residents Per Senator

Based on number of residents per US senator, If you live in Wyoming your senate vote counts as much as 66 votes for a resident of California...

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Manly Manners Book

Telling It Like It Is

Q. How do I tell my wife that she needs to lose a few pounds?A. Whoa there, big guy, don’t say a word to your wife about her weight. “You’ve got to make it about you” says Gerard Musante, a clinical psychologist and founder of Structure House, a behavioral weight loss clinic in North Carolina., ...

Tag: Washington(10), Honesty(8), Author(4), political correctness(3), sensitivity training(3), advertising(2), Gerard Musante(1), clinical psychologist(1), Structure House(1), behavioral weight loss clinic in North Carolina(1), gym memberships(1), fitness trainer(1), Agree with your wife(1), Scott Haltzman(1), Secrets of Happily Married Men: Eight Ways to Win Your Wife’s Heart Forever(1), Best's Life(1), machinations of politics(1), business PR(1), sexual harassment avoidance(1), myriad other corruptions(1), social situation(1), lousy school system(1), book publishing business(1), exaggerate sales(1), multitude of sins(1), amusement value(1),

Manly Manners Book

George, Thomas and Those Other Guys

Which of the following founding fathers were gentlemen? A. Thomas Jefferson B. George Washington C. Richard Morris D. Benjamin Franklin E. Alexander HamiltonThomas Jefferson might be associated with what modern day readers would think of as gentlemanly behavior; he was sophisticated and urbane, ...

Tag: Washington(10), art(8), architecture(8), France(4), Thomas Jefferson(4), Gentlemen(4), Benjamin Franklin(2), Hamilton(2), businessman(2), George Washington(1), Richard Morris(1), Alexander Hamilton(1), fathers(1), urbane(1), savoring literature(1), ambassador to France(1), Maria Cosway(1), Virginia capital(1), Williamsburg(1), book on manners(1), military leadership(1), first president(1), Jefferson(1), Franklin(1), Valley Forge(1), publisher(1), international scientist(1), inventor(1), philanthropist(1), diplomat in France(1), American Revolution(1), French ladies(1), Bon Vivant(1), Treasury Secretary(1), America’s commercial success(1),

Business as a Sport Profiles

Chester Carlson

Even people who have never watched a basketball game know who Michael Jordan is; most Americans have used Carlson’s invention, but very few have any idea who he is. He developed the theory and science for the modern process of copying documents in 1937, and offered it to more than 20 major ...

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Manly Manners Book

Forms Of Partnership


“More men than women describe being married as their ideal state, and men who remain single fare far worse emotionally than do their female counterparts.” (Stephanie Coontz, marriage researcher and author, teacher at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington)It used to be so simple. Most ...

Tag: Washington(10), Bill Gates(4), Marriage(2), Stephanie Coontz(2), living together(2), Evergreen State Colleg(1), Olympia(1), Sexual Revolution(1), Financial commitments(1), value of relationship(1), expectations for becoming parents(1), parents’ responsibilities(1), raising kids(1), making a living(1), shopping(1), walking the dog(1), fixing dinner(1), Sultan of Brunei(1), think before you get married(1),

Coolest Street

What is the coolest street in the world?

We really have no idea; after all, there are lots of streets in the world, and no one can know them all intimately. But, in our experience, here are some candidates from the US. (Note: Please don’t ruin these areas; if you’re a typical fat American tourist wearing shorts, sneakers, and a tee ...

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