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A Friendly Mixtape?

A friend and colleague of mine sent a mixtape for Christmas to her friends and colleagues; nicely done and organized. This woman happens to be a screenwriter in LA. So you might think she would care about things like intellectual property theft. She is simply giving away (by giving free access ...

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A New Low for the Magazine World

[caption id="attachment_27588" align="alignleft" width="192"] Photo Credit: Men's Journal[/caption]We understand that magazines are losing ad dollars to the digital world and are increasingly desperate to make up that loss, but, still. Men's Journal March 2015 plumbs a new low by featuring a ...

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The Fall and Fall of Music Revenues

What a terrible time we live in to try to make a living as a musician. It's never been an easy profession by any means, with far more would be musicians than paying customers. But along comes the internet and sites like Napster as a way of stealing the work of people you admire. Of course there ...

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Smart People Say The Stupidest Things

Lawrence Lessig, an American academic and political activist, on government transparency.

From the review: "Because the public cannot interpret or understand much of the data released by the government, transparency leads to wrong conclusions about actions and motivations of elected officials and civil servants. Learning which industries fund your senator can lead to harmful ...

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