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Billion Dollar Man News

New Book Reveals Lavish, $1.4 BILLION Lifestyle of Obama Family

Attitude Media Study Says Spending Far Outstrips British Royal FamilyNew York, NY - (SBWIRE) - 10/29/2012 - As the presidential campaign enters the final week President Obama has positioned himself as the champion of the middle class and his opponent as an out of touch elitist.Attitude Media's ...

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Billion Dollar Man News

New Study Says Obama Marginal Tax Rate Less Than 1%

President Pays No Tax on Benefit PackageNew York, NY - (SBWIRE) - 10/22/2012 Ñ This weekend saw ads from the Obama campaign attacking Mitt Romney for only paying only 14% in taxes. However, the most comprehensive study of White House spending, The $1.4 Billion Man: Costs of the Obama White ...

Arts News

Why Art Became Ugly

If you ever wonder around the contemporary art galleries in New York or Berlin, and wonder, what happened?...

Tag: New York(16), Berlin(5), contemporary art(1), contemporary art galleries(1), situation of contemporary art(1),

Business News

The Price of Taxi Medallions Plummets

And that's a good thing. In big cities like New York drivers had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the right to drive a cab in the city, but now they are taking advantage of better opportunities like Uber....

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Lifestyle & Culture

Yes No Maybe

Lady at the Met

Going to museums, or any place for that matter, would be so much more pleasant if all the guests had the good taste of this lady, who happened to be visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.  Great summer dress, great hat, great combo....

Yes No Maybe

Something Crazy?

Let's assume something crazy happens - this Rolls Royce was on the streets of New York. But by crazy, what we really mean is let's assume you did something really off the wall - not made a ton of money, because there are a lot of rich fools in New York. Let's say you're not an investment banker ...

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Media Insider

How NYC's Biggest Bookstore Survives in the Age of Amazon

[caption id="attachment_27383" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Strand in New York City Photo Credit: OR drohowa[/caption]The Strand is New York City's most famous used bookstore; although they actually sell plenty of new books as well.  Books they count as "new" are actually used, review ...

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Smart People Say The Stupidest Things

Claire Messud, Author, on her move to Washington DC.

From the review: “I had been the one saying, ‘We need to move to the United States,’ ” Messud says, mocking her own complaint in a whining, mousy voice. “But I didn’t mean Washington! And I was miserable there, miserable. I always felt that all the people who you knew and hadn’t been friends ...


Murder in America


Tag: New York(16), Crime and Punishment(11), Chicago(8), LA(5), Miami(4), Boston(2), Murder in America(1), average murder rate(1), Detroit(1), New Orleans(1), Little Rock(1), Atlanta(1),

Manly Manners Book


Let us suppose that you forgot to heed the advice in the previous section, or that you just ignored us, you poor, miserable wretch, and let your lust overcome your judgment. The object of your affections has just given you the surprise of your life – the announcement that she is pregnant. You ...

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