Obama's Valentine's weekend trip

Obama's Valentine's weekend trip

Expense Amount: $246,908
Year of Expense: 2009
Expense Details:

"According to the first distance calculator above, it is 598 miles (962 km) (519 nautical miles) from Washington, DC to Chicago, Illinois.

Mr. Obama’s two trips back and forth from DC to Chicago add up to 2392 miles – as the crow flies.

Which, if our calculations are correct, amounts to at least 3.8 hours flying time for Air Force One. And 4.6 hours of flying time for the accompanying cargo plane." -Steve Gilbert

"Using these very conservative figures, Air Force One cost $214,768 and the cargo plane cost $32,140. " - Steve Gilbert

Source Details: Sweetness and Light, Feb 2009, "The Cost of Obama's Weekend Trip(s)" http://sweetness-light.com/archive/the-costs-of-obamas-weekend-trip
Creation Date: April 12, 2010

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