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Is it the Front or the Top of the House?

It's not often that you see architecture that fundamentally changes your idea of what a building can be, but this 2 unit residence in Lebanon does just that. ┬áThe Read More »

In China, Real Estate Investments are What Matters

You've probably heard about China's empty cities, which have been built to keep the vast machine of Chinese workers employed, even if there are no buyers for the Read More »

Why are San Francisco Home Prices So Crazy?

The folks at Altos Research do a good job with innovative research really breaking down the numbers on residential real estate prices. In short, Bay area home Read More »

What’s it Like to Work at the New World Trade Center?

GQ and all of the other Conde Nast publications have moved into the new World Trade Center building; an insider's look at what it's like to work at one of the Read More »

Why bitcoin may turn out to have a significant impact on real estate

Ray Sturm is the co-founder of RealtyShares, a company that allows accredited investors to crowdfund real estate transactions. The company is also one of the first Read More »

It’s Summer, So Why Do I Freeze in Buildings?

Keeping buildings too cold in the summer would not seem to make sense for anyone; it costs landlords more money, it makes tenants uncomfortable, and it hurts the Read More »

The Rebirth of the American Mall

For decades it seems like building huge malls in the suburbs was a sure fire way for developers to make money. But with the rise of online shopping and the return of Read More »

Downtown LA Construction as seen from the Roof

Los Angeles is being transformed by a new wave of construction, especially the downtown district. Los Angeles magazine worked with street photographer Scott Reyes on Read More »