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Big Trouble for Big Malls?

The rise of Amazon and online shopping, economic softness, and declining foreign tourist purchases due to a strong dollar; is this the triple whammy for malls? Read More »

Your Bathroom as Private Spa

Why spend all that money on going to a spa when you can create the same experience in your bathroom?¬†As the article says, "showerheads that can create a scent, a Read More »

Living on top of the shop?

In our increasingly urbanized society, many people are now reverting to a living situation that was quite common when store owners lived directly above their shops. Read More »

New York Retailers Survive Amazon

Retail across the US is under assault from online shopping. Bookstores have mostly been wiped out, along with Blockbuster video and scores of other brick and mortar Read More »

Flight Paths and Noise

Many flight paths airlines use to route planes to and from airports are being changed as the result of the implementation of a new FAA flight routing system called Read More »

Scary or Good? NYC Goes Big on Data

Most people live in cities now, for better or worse. Large cities have been shown to be hotbeds of innovation, and human interaction actually increases as cities Read More »

Most Expensive Office Space

CNBC has compiled the 10 most expensive streets in the US on which to rent office space; it's an interesting mix, spread all over the country, and shows some Read More »

The Best of the Past and the Present?

Sometimes true preservation is not possible; this beautiful church in the German city of Dresden was completely destroyed by Allied bombers. But the rebuilt version, Read More »