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Clay Pigeons: How Lobbyists Secretly Woo Top Election Officials

Allen Richardson, center, a Koch Industries lobbyist, attended the hunting retreat with secretaries of state last month in Kansas. Secretaries of state, who Read More »

One Of This Election’s Bright Spots: Early Voting

Voters wait to cast their ballot at a satellite polling station in Las Vegas on Nov. 2. Early voter turnout is set to hit record highs this year as more Americans Read More »

Turkey Sacks 10,000 More Civil Servants, Shuts Media In Latest Crackdown

A man waves Turkey's national flag during the Democracy and Martyrs Rally, organized by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and supported by ruling AK Party (AKP), Read More »

What Can The President Really Do?

Without cooperation from the Supreme Court or Congress, the president wields little power from the Oval Office. Read More »