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Top General News

Briefing: Venezuela's Deepening Crisis

The Latin American country is seeing some of the largest antigovernment protests in nearly three decades, as the pressures of severe shortages combine with ... Read More

Can Colombia's Peace Help Venezuela's Conflict?

As a peace deal helps end a long war in Colombia, Venezuela is descending into violence. What can Colombia teach its neighbor about healing and reconciliation? Read More


Top Art News

Off To Italy To Study Painting: A Former Inmate's Journey

George Anthony Morton in his studio space at the Florence Academy of Art U.S. in Jersey City. He turned to painting while serving a prison term on a drug conviction. Read More

A New Concert Hall In Hamburg Transforms The City

The Elbphilharmonie, a concert hall in Hamburg encased in glass and set upon a giant brick warehouse, is surrounded on three sides by the waters of the city’s ... Read More


Top Billion Dollar Man News

WH defends $1.5 billion in annual PR expenses

The White House on Thursday defended its decision to significantly expand the ranks of public relations specialists on the executive payroll during President Obama's ... Read More

GAO: Obama spent $3.6m golfing with Tiger Woods

U.S. President Barack Obama reacts after missing a putt on the first green at the Farm Neck Golf Club at Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard, August 11, 2013. Read More


Top Business News

U.S. Retail Sales Rise Broadly; Consumer Prices Rebound

U.S. retail sales increased broadly in April while consumer prices rebounded, pointing to a pickup in economic growth and a gradual rise in inflation that could keep ... Read More

Can Low-Wage Industries Survive Without Immigrants And Refugees?

Case Farms’ history shows how many sectors like meatpacking depend on immigrants and refugees. Now business leaders fear President Trump’s policies will create a ... Read More


Top Crime News

For 2 Experts Killed In Congo, U.N. Provided Little Training And No Protection

United Nations peacekeeping forces last year in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Read More

How To Catch Hackers? Old-School Sleuthing, With A Digital Twist

The computer systems at the National Health Service in Britain were crippled by a global ransomware attack that began Friday and has claimed at least 200,000 victims. Read More


Top Fashion News

Characters In An Untitled Film Series

The photographer Jake Michaels was inspired by Cindy Sherman’s “Untitled Film Stills” (1977-80) and sought to evoke something similar in modern-day Los Angeles. Read More

Capturing The Colorful Style Of Punjab, India

“People in Punjab wear very bright, vibrant colors,” said Mark Hartman, a photographer based in Brooklyn who spent March in India. “To me, it shows a sense of pride ... Read More


Top Favela News

The Humble Roots Of Brazil's Golden Girl

Brazil's Rafaela Silva wins gold in Women's Judo 01:37 Read More

How A Favela Kid Became Brazil's Top Badminton Player

Ygor Coelho de Oliveira, Brazil's first Olympic competitor in men's badminton, stands inside the Miratus badminton school in Chacrinha, a favela on the western ... Read More


Top Fitness News

Liz Davis Walked Off 200 Pounds, Healed Her Spirit – And Inspired A Movement

Liz Davis eagerly starts a recent walk in a Central District neighborhood. She lost 200 pounds with common sense — and lots and lots of walking. (Steve Ringman/The ... Read More

High Levels Of Exercise Linked To 9 Years Of Less Aging At The Cellular Level

Despite their best efforts, no scientist has ever come close to stopping humans from aging. Even anti-aging creams can't stop Old Father Time. But new research ... Read More


Top Health News

Scientists One Step Closer To 3-D-Printed Ovaries To Treat Infertility

The list of things that can be created with 3-D printers keeps getting longer: jewelry, art, guns, food, medical devices and, now, mouse ovaries. Read More

How To Meditate

Meditation is a simple practice available to all, which can reduce stress, increase calmness and clarity and promote happiness. Learning how to meditate is ... Read More


Top Investing News

Vanguard rules the world of low-cost index investing

The Vanguard trading floor is the epicenter of one of the great financial revolutions of modern times, yet it is a surprisingly relaxed place. Read More

Investors Flock To 'Macro' Hedge Funds, But Not Only The Old Guard

"Macro" hedge funds are back in favor with investors seeking to take a view on U.S. President Donald Trump's economic policies, European elections, or interest ... Read More


Top Manly Manners News

Real Men Don't Diet

Well, maybe they do, but they don't discuss it. Read More


Top Positive News

In Washington, D.C., A Program In Which Birds And People Lift Each Other Up

Rodney Stotts walks across the roof of the Matthew Henson Earth Conservation Center with one of his hawks. A former drug dealer, he is now a falconer — one of only ... Read More

Worms Land A Great Job Working With Gorgeous Indian Textiles

Sufiyan Khatri learned to make the dyes for the block-print textiles from his grandfather. But he likes to experiment with color and design: "Whenever I get the ... Read More


Top Politics News

Brazil's President Assails His Accuser As Corruption Scandal Intensifies

RIO DE JANEIRO — President Michel Temer of Brazil on Saturday attacked the billionaire whose secret recording of a conversation between the two men has fueled a ... Read More

AP Fact Check: Trump's Claims On Russia Probe Aren't Adding Up

WASHINGTON (AP) — Some things aren’t adding up in President Donald Trump’s account of the investigation into his campaign’s relationship with Russians, an inquiry he ... Read More


Top Real Estate News

Affordable Housing Program Costs More, Shelters Fewer

The $25 million Labre Place in Miami was built using the low-income housing tax credit program. It's named for the patron saint for the homeless and is now home to ... Read More

Why Millennials Are Finally Starting To Settle Down And Buy Homes

Millennials are coming of age as homebuyers, just as housing prices are climbing and a lack of homes in some markets is causing bidding wars. Read More


Top Science, Religion and Philosophy News

First Human Antibodies To Work Against All Ebolaviruses

After analyzing the blood of a survivor of the 2013-16 Ebola outbreak, a team of scientists from academia, industry and the government has discovered the first ... Read More

Earth's Forests Grew 9% In New Satellite Survey

The Age of Exploration may be long past, but even in the 21st century, our maps can still get a major update. Using satellite imagery, a new study has found hidden ... Read More


Top Sports News

The Woman Running 40 Marathons In 40 Days

Ultra-runner Mina Guli winced in pain in the middle of a cow paddock. Bandages wrapped around her beaten feet, she contemplated the "holes" where her toenails used to be. Read More

London Marathon 'Hero' Matthew Rees Praised For Stopping To Help Stricken Runner Finish

A runner competing in the London Marathon has been praised for sacrificing his own race time to help another exhausted competitor over the finishing line in what has ... Read More


Top Taxpayers News

Which State Sends Most Taxes To DC? Hint: It's Not A State

As Tax Day approaches, show some love for the good people who live in the nation's capital. Read More

Mar-a-Lago: The Price Of Trump's 'Winter White House'

When President Trump flies in to Palm Beach County, Jorge Gonzalez stays firmly on the ground. Read More


Top Technology News

Exclusive: North Korea's Unit 180, The Cyber Warfare Cell That Worries The West

North Korea's main spy agency has a special cell called Unit 180 that is likely to have launched some of its most daring and successful cyber attacks, according to ... Read More

Tacoma-Based Give InKind Helps People Lend A Hand To Loved Ones

Tech Spotlight: Give InKind, launched a year ago, operates a website that lets people plan, request and send anything their loved ones might need as they celebrate ... Read More


Top Travel News

Boulder Family Sells House And Buys RV To Travel The Country In The Ultimate Family Adventure


The Asian City That Caters To Everyone

With its 26 million people, Delhi has been described as a microcosm of India, with trappings from the country’s many cultures, religions and traditions. Centuries of ... Read More