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Beauty And The Creative Beast

Since the dawn of media, stories have featured an average, or below average, looking middle aged man who somehow entrances a young beautiful woman. This has everything to do with the fact that the storyteller has most often been an average looking middle aged man. One of the most ridiculous See full view »

Note To Matthew Weiner

Note to Matthew Weiner: Your show, Mad Men, is entertaining. But it's a drama, not a cartoon. We get it; men in the 60's drank, smoked, and made inappropriate comments to women. But not constantly. So your show does not need to have a man with a drink or a cigarette in his hand every moment See full view »

On The Media: The State Of The News Media

Good analysis of the state of the digital publishing industry, including the agitating (and unexpected) failure of digital ad revenue to rise (only 3% last year) See full view »

WSJ: Web Video: Bigger and Less Profitable

Digital publishers contend for a slice of the profit pie from online video. But how much pie is there exactly to go around?                                                See full view »

21st-century: The Dickensian Memex; or, the 19th-century roots of hypertext

Fascinating article on weaving together the role of hypertext and Dicken's novels, two things I never expected to see on the same page. Click here to read the article. See full view »


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