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The Best Automotive Writer?

Is Dan Neil, who writes the Rumble Seat column for the Wall Street Journal, the most talented automotive writer working in the US? He combines a real talent for amusing writing with a firm technical grasp of automotive engineering. He also occasionally inserts a few irritating comments showing See full view »

Magazine – Essential Homme

This is a typical glossy men's fashion magazine. Slick. Usual fawning coverage of designers, who are all either advertisers or potential advertisers. It's okay to fawn, I guess, but it's hard to tell her if there is any separation between editorial content and ads, or if the much of the See full view »

How NYC’s Biggest Bookstore Survives in the Age of Amazon

The Strand is New York City's most famous used bookstore; although they actually sell plenty of new books as well.  Books they count as "new" are actually used, review copies which publishers send to book reviewers, which editorial assistants at publishing houses often sell to the Strand at See full view »

Google and Pirated Content

If Google is so intent on not doing harm, why don't they screen out pirated content, which they easily have the power to do. See full view »

WSJ: The Age Of Bite-Size Entertainment

Is smaller better? Ideas from the media past: serialized novels, very short films, and shorter music releases are making a comeback, both to accommodate new media consumption habits and also as a way of experimenting with new ideas. See full view »

Men’s Journal: Derek Cianfrance, A Gritty Visionary Breaks Out

This article is a great Men's Journal article about a filmmaker with integrity who has certainly paid his dues. Our kinda guy, won't do a rape scene. See full view »

Esquire: ‘Everything We Know Is Wrong’: Why We Love Mad Men

Stephen Marche makes the argument, in Esquire Magazine, that the media focuses on figuring out what is happening now, even in period pieces like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire. But despite all the focus on figuring out trends, the media almost always gets it wrong. See full view »


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