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Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago

This museum is in a good location, just off magnificent mile near the John Hancock building. Otherwise, terrible; usual identity, gender politics. It's amusing when art that has little to with gender or race needs to throw in a few lines in the description about “tensions arising from race See full view »

MOMA (Museum of Modern Art in New York)

Why does MOMA exist? Hard to tell, because it offers nothing more than the clichéd version of what “modern” art was thought to be a generation ago, and not much has changed; not much in terms of the kind of art they display, in any event. This is the same tired stale vaguely left wing academic See full view »

Writers with Style – Then and Now

It used to be that the best writers, back in the day, were general interest journalists, people like Mike Sager, who is, incidentally, still a damn fine journalist and managed to make a living writing high quality free-lance pieces for magazines - not as an easy gig. But increasingly, the See full view »

Note to Writers on Black Sails

We get that, at the moment in media land, "gay is good". We have nothing against gays, so save your gay-bashing rants for someone else. And having all the female leads on the show having lesbian relationships was kinda sexy in some perverse and extremely unlikely way. But Captain Flint? Really? See full view »

A New Low for the Magazine World

We understand that magazines are losing ad dollars to the digital world and are increasingly desperate to make up that loss, but, still. Men's Journal March 2015 plumbs a new low by featuring a full page ad for PornHub. I would just note that, generally, Men's Journal is an excellent general See full view »

A New Low for American Journalism

On January 23, 2015 a new low was set in the trivialization of media.  The Wall Street Journal, America's largest, and generally best, newspaper, devoted the entire back page (D8) of one of it's sections to the burning issue of whether - in a 45-7 playoff victory, the New England Patriots, See full view »

A Friendly Mixtape?

A friend and colleague of mine sent a mixtape for Christmas to her friends and colleagues; nicely done and organized. This woman happens to be a screenwriter in LA. So you might think she would care about things like intellectual property theft. She is simply giving away (by giving free access See full view »


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