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Reaching for Broadway

This is an interesting article about what it takes to get a show on Broadway, if you have no experience in producing Broadway shows. This was the case for "Gigi" producer, Jenna Segal. The process took her 12 years.Click here to read the article. See full view »

Is Our Past Relevant to Today’s Television?

This Esquire article was published in 2013, but is just as relevant today - which is fitting, because the piece is about the relevancy of dramas, like Mad Men, set in the past:Click here to read the article. See full view »

Movies and rape scenes

Interesting article about Movie director Derek Cianfrance, director of The Place Beyond the Pines and Blue Valentine:Men's Journal p.54, May 2013On why he won't have a rape scene in his movies:"Even for $3 million, I can't rape somebody onscreen. Those choices will follow you around your whole life". See full view »

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

This is a great value at $25, even if its so crowded you can’t even find a place to go to the bathroom. Packed with tourists, but also packed with an amazing assortment of treasures from every place and time. We’re partial to the Asian and India art, but there’s really something for everyone – See full view »

Art Institute of Chicago – Contemporary Wing

The first two floors of contemporary wing are worthless, usual modern crap, go straight to 3rd floor for surrealists, including Albert Bloch’s Three Pierrots and Harlequin, Conrad Felixmuller’s “The Death of the Poet Walter Rheiner” which is a great depiction of the spirit of nightlife in a big See full view »

Buy that Book!

Many of the same people who bemoan the lack of literacy in American society, or its general frivolity, will be the same ones that refuse to actually pay for serious work. They get their books from a local library, or borrow them from friends, or just get the cheapest version possible via an See full view »

The Fall and Fall of Music Revenues

What a terrible time we live in to try to make a living as a musician. It's never been an easy profession by any means, with far more would be musicians than paying customers. But along comes the internet and sites like Napster as a way of stealing the work of people you admire. Of course there See full view »


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