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Who Will be Boss at the New York Times?

Interesting New York magazine article on the low key but important struggle among family members to become the next publisher of the New York Times newspaper company. Some stats about the business of the Times contained in this article:- Current number of digital subscribers has hit a plateau See full view »

Dancing is Not a 1st Amendment Right

This is what LA magazine says about the "No Dancing" signs in LA karaoke bars:"If Grandma starts to wiggle halfway through “I Love Rock ‘n Roll,” a joint could lose its license. All bars operate under conditional use permits that spell out precisely which behaviors are not allowed, and a squad See full view »

Google Images – Massive Copyright Fraud?

How is it that Google gets away with showing images without directing users to the actual source of the content, thus depriving the actual publishers of the images any site traffic that would normally come? This is quite different than showing a few lines of text and sending users to a site; in See full view »

The Democratization of Book Reviews Via Amazon

Have you ever noticed how the same books get reviewed in all the major magazines and newspaper book review sections? This is usually because:1) The book is being published by a major New York publisher with good connections to these media2) The writer is a member of the New York media cabal and See full view »

The World’s Largest Photo Service is Now Giving Away Their Photos

Getty Images, the world's largest photo agency, is now giving away their photos, hoping to eventually profit by selling data they collect on sites or through ads embedded along with the photos. While this may seem like good news for web site owners like Attitude Media, in fact it is not, if one See full view »

A New Low in Sports Journalism

On July 29, 2015 arguably the most important newspaper in the United States devoted their entire sports page to the most trivial and over-hyped issue in all of sports - the Tom Brady Deflategate saga. How many real sports events took place on that day that were not, apparently, worthy of See full view »

A really fun compilation of dance scenes from various movies

See full view »


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