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Shelter Magazines Perfect the Kiss

Magazines that focus on interior design, architecture, home renovations, and such are known in the trade as "shelter" publications.  Most of them focus on showing the lavish interior designs of rich people, Architectural Digest being the most famous example.  Of course, in order to get access See full view »

Esquire’s 1000th Issue

If you're a fan of magazines in good old-fashioned print - and here at Attitude Media, we are - you'll enjoy Esquire's 1000th edition, which covers some of the outstanding stories and features the magazine has done since it's founding in 1933, and allows you to follow the changes in attitudes See full view »

Can’t Keep a Bad Man Down!

Henry Blodget was once known for the fraud and deception that he practiced as a stock analyst, pumping up the valuations of companies during the great Internet boom. Following the bust, he was banned from the securities industry for life. But he didn't go to jail, because only poor bad people See full view »

How Long Can it Take to Get Your Big Break?

25 years? Andrew Long and Nancy Robinette were well regarded veterans of the stage in Washington D.C, but it took a long, long time, and many years of auditions, until they made it to the bright lights of Broadway - and both, as it happens, to the same stage. See full view »

Behind the Scenes at Mountain Men

Mountain Men is a reality show about, wait for it, Mountain Men. First you you have to pass a criminal background check. Our favorite participant is Eustace Conway, the subject of Elizabeth Gilbert's excellent book The Last American Man. See full view »

Magazines Pimp Themselves Out

It's tough to make it in the magazine world these days, as so many advertisers migrate to the web, and print publications face a struggle to survive. Which is sad, because, even though we are Web publishers, there's really no substitute for print. In any event, big magazines have generally See full view »

The Real Hollywood Battle is not on your Screen

The two biggest agencies in Hollywood, between them representing most of the top movie stars and TV actors, went to war, and the accusations and courtroom scenes are just as good as anything you'll watch on HBO. See full view »


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