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Girls, Gadgets, and Cars – James Bond

The James Bond movies are famous for girls, gadgets and cars, not necessarily in that order. A look at the cars. See full view »

The Tangled Web of NFL Coaches

Who is your favorite coach related to? Who was he an assistant coach to before he became head coach?   The NFL coaching fraternity is really a small world with only 32 teams, and all the head coaches are related to each other in some way. This Wall Street Journal Interactive tool is an See full view »

What it Really Takes for Bestsellers

Ian Fleming didn't write his first novel until he was 43, and only lived 12 more years, but his James Bond franchise is still going strong, in large part thanks to Fleming's skills at self-promotion. See full view »

Kurt Russell on Hollywood Politics

Actor Kurt Russell, 64: // // I'm a supporter of the concepts of libertarianism. Unfortunately, I don't think the party has been able to get a candidate who can play the role. Years ago, being a libertarian in Hollywood was a little below being a Scientologist. Now it's a little above. See full view »

China’s interactive Fans

The rise of the middle class in China means a number of things. First of all, many Chinese people now have the ability to waste money on remarkably silly things like sending online performers gifts in the form of digital icons like roses, lollipops, and clapping hands.  The icons are virtual, See full view »

Russia and China Bet Big on Sports Entertainment

In America the non-stop coverage of sporting events, and the athletes who participate, is just part of daily life. In Russia, not so much, because the best athletes often join foreign sports leagues like the NHL.  But thanks to Big Boss and all-knowing leader Putin, things are about  to change, See full view »

The Shift from Pros to Amateurs

This is an excerpt from Chris Anderson's book "Makers: The New Industrial Revolution":"The greatest change of the past decade has been the shift in time people spend consuming amateur content instead of professional content. The rise of Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and all the others like them See full view »


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