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Attention Spans Drop by 33%

The human species has been evolving for millions of years, but in less than one generation, human attention spans have dropped by a third, to about the same as a goldfish. This conclusion is supported by very credible studies. This has very wide ranging implications; one of those is that the See full view »

In a Feminized Society, Can Male Movies Succeed?

As the Wall Street Journal said, some audiences found  The Revenant "too strenuous, too long, too exhausting, too male, too snowy, too much raw meat, too much violence".  Sure, silly movies that trivialize masculinity will always have an audience while pretending to appeal to a male See full view »

Before You Steal Your Next Movie

You should appreciate how much work, and often suffering, goes into making it. Filmed only in natural light with temperatures sometimes 30 degrees below zero, the actors earned their money in The Revenant. See full view »

Novels are Getting Bigger, not Smaller

Despite all the talk about how short attention spans have become thanks to social media, the Internet, etc. the fact is that the most popular novels are getting longer than ever; in fact, quite epic. See full view »

The Future of Media

McKinsey and Company, a huge international consulting firm, has put together a report on the next five years of media by growth rates:Digital advertising was the fastest-growing category in 2014, with a 16.1 percent increase in spending, followed by video games at 14.3 percent and broadband at See full view »

Literary Heroines

This is a clever idea, the sort of thing we wish we'd see more of.  New York magazine had five rising novelists dress up as their favorite literary character. Of course, this being hyper liberal New York magazine, they only used women in a feature that would have been even better if it mixed See full view »

Seal on Predicting Which Songs are Hits

"People tell you they know what will be a hit. Nobody knows shit. It was always a good song. Was it a hit? It wasn't the first time around." The musician and singer Seal talking about his song "Kiss from a Rose" which only became a hit after it was included in the movie "Batman". See full view »


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