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2015, So Far, so Bad for Investors

Stocks are down, commodities are really down, and bond gains are generally not enough to cover inflation. The year is three-quarters over, and, thus far, not looking too bright for investors around the world. Read More »

Are Stocks Too Expensive?

Interesting graph from CNBC allows you to choose your own time frame to compare the long term average PE ratio to earnings over the last ten years. Right now, stocks in the S&P 500 are selling for about 25X the average inflation adjusted earnings over the last 10 years. The long term Read More »

A Breath of Fresh Air – Investment Manager Blames Himself

In a world in which fund managers are always blaming something in the investment environment - the Fed, problems in China, irrational exuberance - whatever, it's refreshing to hear an investment manager, in this case Michael Aronstein of Mainstay Marketfield fund, say "The performance has not Read More »

The Perils of Investing in the Hot Fund

Most investors exhibit a decided "recency" bias, with looking at the most recent results of an investment to guess the direction of future performance. This is a big mistake, as investments tend to revert to the mean, meaning that the hottest investments will often perform the most poorly in Read More »



Attitude: Get Rich Slow

An Introduction to Investing

by John F Groom

    Looking for get rich quick schemes? You've come to the wrong place. But if you're interested in serious investment strategy we have a lot to offer. The most important thing to learn about investing is that you're probably wrong. ...Read full essay