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Enjoy the Party, but Dance Near the Door?

London based advisor Tim Price thinks there are plenty of signs of a market top, including the $100M plus valuation of a company with 4 trucks selling grilled cheese sandwiches. Read More »

Your Biggest Financial Mistake?

What are the most common financial mistakes Americans make? Read More »

Could Oil Go to $100?

Everyone is negative about oil right now, as the world seems awash in supply. But the time to buy is when others are selling, so now is an interesting time to look at the bull case for oil. And don't forget, it was well over $100 a short time ago.  Read More »

What’s Really Going on in China’s Economy?

You hear a lot about slowing Chinese economic growth, with worldwide economic implications, especially on commodity prices. But if China is still really growing at almost 7%, according to official Chinese figures, that's a growth rate far above the rest of the world. As usual, the real story is Read More »



Attitude: Get Rich Slow

An Introduction to Investing

by John F Groom

    Looking for get rich quick schemes? You've come to the wrong place. But if you're interested in serious investment strategy we have a lot to offer. The most important thing to learn about investing is that you're probably wrong. ...Read full essay