Attitude Media Investing Ideas

Investing Ideas

Attitude Media Publisher’s Investing Strategy

Predominantly I buy index funds, and hold a lot of cash. I have no idea which direction any market is moving in, I simply buy assets which I believe have a lot more potential to move in one direction than the other. Oil may go to $1/barrel, but it won't go to 0. And, in a few years, it may go Read More »

      Dorsey Wins – Short Twitter?

      Shorting a hot stock in a trendy field like tech can be very, very dangerous, as stocks often keep rising even when their valuations become insane; see Salesforce and Amazon. But Twitter (TWTR) is a tempting short. If you've read the book Hatching Twitter by Nick Bilton, or just followed the Read More »

          Behavioral Management

          Behavioral Finance is a very useful system that has developed over recent years as an attempt to explain why investors often make what seem like economically irrational investment decisions. For instance, we all know that the object is to buy low and sell high, which requires acting contrary to Read More »

              Shorting the Long Bond

              In 1981 US government 10 year bonds peaked at over 15%, and interest rates have gone down ever since. The 10 year bond now trades at under 2%. In the last few years many prognosticators have predicted rates would start heading up again. They’ve been wrong: rates have gone from very low to Read More »


                  THE ESSAY

                  Attitude: Get Rich Slow

                  An Introduction to Investing

                  by John F Groom

                    Looking for get rich quick schemes? You've come to the wrong place. But if you're interested in serious investment strategy we have a lot to offer. The most important thing to learn about investing is that you're probably wrong. ...Read full essay