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Last Aleppo Doctors Plead With Obama For More Help: What Is The US Doing?

Aleppo, Syria, has been besieged, battered, and starved for months. This week, 15 of the remaining 35 doctors in the city are pleading for help. Read More »

‘Historic’ Louisiana Flooding: Five Dead And Thousands Rescued

President Barack Obama has declared the state a disaster area, meaning federal aid can be sent to the affected areas. Soldiers and emergency teams have rescued Read More »

Food Manga: Where Culture, Conflict And Cooking All Collide

Shokugeki no Soma is about a boy named Sōma Yukihira who dreams of becoming a chef. Read More »

Suicide Bombing Targets Mourning Lawyers In Pakistan, Killing 64 People

The Monday attack took place on the grounds of a government-run hospital in Quetta, in a province long hit by insurgency. At least 64 people have died from the bombing. Read More »