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US Attacks: What We Know About Minnesota, New York And New Jersey

The Chelsea blast injured 29 people Read More »

U.S. Airstrike May Have Unintentionally Struck Syrian Troops, Killing At Least 62

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations on Saturday hit out at Russia over its calling of an emergency UN meeting to discuss a U.S. airstrike that reportedly left Read More »

Colombia, FARC Rebels Reach Deal To End Half-Century War

People celebrate the announcement from Havana, Cuba, that delegates of Colombia’s government and leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia reached a Read More »

Russia’s New Military Helicopter is Faster, Tougher: Mi-28H Night Hunter is ‘Virtually Invulnerable To Enemy Fire’

Russia's latest military helicopter model will include active defense systems to deflect all existing heat-seeking missiles and circular-view radar, according to Read More »