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Bears Decide to Go for a Swim – in the Family Pool

Summer is coming to a close, and everyone needs a place for a final summer swim; for this family of bears, that place happened to be a family pool in New Jersey. Read More »

Dreaming of Being Buried at Sea

So the Vollmer twins are 85 years old. And they don’t actually own the sailboat they plan on using. And they have to recruit a crew. Don’t let the little things Read More »

How Social Media Changes What’s on Your Plate

The best writer on food is chef David Chang, writing in GQ magazine.  His latest column is about the way social media has changed innovation in restaurants, and not Read More »

Will Social Media Save North Korea?

North Korea is a miserable excuse for a country, whose rulers have bankrupted the country and where the average citizen lives like a 14th century serf. But the Read More »