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As Columbia Peace Talks Advance, Groups Clear Land Mines One At A Time

Kneeling down in the middle of a minefield, Noralba Guarin uses a spade to scrape away the hard red earth on a remote wooded hillside in southwestern Read More »

Summer Isn’t Always A Vacation For Families Who Can’t Afford It

When the school year ends, lower-income families can't afford the costs of summer — and kids fall behind in learning. Read More »

An Opera Percussionist Traces Her Path ‘From Juilliard To The Orchestra Pit’

Patti Niemi has been a percussionist for the San Francisco Opera Orchestra since 1992. She speaks with Fresh Air's Sam Briger about performance anxiety, muscle Read More »

Quake of Magnitude 5.0 Hits Tokyo And Eastern Japan, No Major Damage

An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.0 struck eastern Japan on Sunday and shook buildings in Tokyo, officials and witnesses said, but there was no danger of a tsunami Read More »