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How Does A High-Protein Diet Aid Weight Loss? Study Sheds Light

Researchers have learned more about how protein-rich foods affect appetite and weight. A number of studies have suggested a diet high in protein can aid weight Read More »

Aerobic exercise boosts testosterone for overweight men

Researchers found 12 weeks of regular aerobic exercise increased testosterone levels for overweight and obese men. Read More »

Think It’s Cathartic To Run Angry? Think Again

Exercising with unusual vigor while you are enraged or emotionally distraught could be dangerous for your heart, according to a cautionary new study of the types of Read More »

Some Is Good, More Is Better: Regular Exercise Can Cut Your Diabetes Risk

Walking briskly or cycling for the recommended 150 minutes a week can reduce a person's risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 26%, according to new research by Read More »