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95 Year Old Mountain Runner Shares his Secrets

George Etzweiler is 95 and does a 5 mile run, up a mountain, 3 times a week. Does he have knee issues, like many 95 year olds? Sure, that's why he runs up the Read More »

A Simple Hike Becomes Life Threatening

Miyuki Harwood went for a day hike in the Sierra Mountains, but she went prepared, carrying a water bottle with a filter and a whistle, and, when she fell and broke Read More »

The Sport of Climbing Takes Off

We love Daniel Duane's attitude; a long-time rock climber, he's a bit taken aback by the new massive popularity of rock climbing, especially the growth of indoor Read More »

Laird Hamilton on Doing your Work-Out Right

Pro surfer and all around exercise buff Laird Hamilton is right when he says that doing an exercise right will get you toned and strong faster than doing it wrong Read More »