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Liz Davis Walked Off 200 Pounds, Healed Her Spirit – And Inspired A Movement

Liz Davis eagerly starts a recent walk in a Central District neighborhood. She lost 200 pounds with common sense — and lots and lots of walking. (Steve Ringman/The Read More »

High Levels Of Exercise Linked To 9 Years Of Less Aging At The Cellular Level

Despite their best efforts, no scientist has ever come close to stopping humans from aging. Even anti-aging creams can't stop Old Father Time. But new research Read More »

A Brisk Walk Instead Of Sitting Down: Just Ten Minutes A Day Makes A Difference

It is not the amount of time spent sitting still that matters. Instead it is the extent of physical activity that is essential in reducing the risk of elderly women Read More »

The Best Thing To Eat Before A Workout? Maybe Nothing At All

For those who can stomach it, working out before breakfast may be more beneficial for health than eating first, according to a useful new study of meal timing and Read More »