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Testing Procedure

Sit Ups

One (1) minute maximum effort. Knees should be bent so that your feet are flat on the floor. A partner can hold your feet and count the number of correct repetitions, or you can use a sit up board set at a flat angle. Fingers interlocked either behind the neck or locked to the chest through the entire exercise or hands crossed and touching opposite shoulders. Come up until elbows touch your knees.

1.5 Mile Run/1 Mile Run

These can be done on either a treadmill or track, but you should indicate which is used by checking the appropriate box.

Bench Press

One repetition with maximum weight. Subject lies on his/her back on the bench with feet flat on the floor with hands approximately shoulder width apart, the desired weight is selected and the weight is pushed up so arms are locked straight in the up position. Back and butt to remain flat on the bench. Do not arch the back or bounce the bar off your chest. Warm up repetitions are encouraged before attempting maximum lift. You should use a spotter for safety, but the person should not assist in providing a lift-off or touch the bar at all for the lift to count.


One-minute maximum effort. Subject's hands are approximately shoulder width apart and you should go down until you are about the size of your fist from touching the floor, as if your fist was between you and the floor. The subject must keep his/her back straight at all times and from the up position lower his/herself to the floor and then push to the up position with arms fully extended. Resting is permitted in the up position only. The standard pushup format will be utilized for this exercise; the body weight is supported by the hands and feet during activity. Modified pushups, i.e., weight supported by the hands and knees are not acceptable.

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