Favela grew up in the brutal ghettos of Sao Paulo, Brazil. When he tried to improve his life, he was taunted for his background. He laughed and took the name of the ghetto for his own – he never intended to forget where he came from. While shining the shoes of a wealthy businessman he picked up a tip that he parlayed into a path to becoming a wildly successful trader. He had the combination of genetic intelligence combined with a savage life in poverty, but with a strong inherent sense of right and wrong. He was ruthless, but he never lied. When he came to Wall Street, he was disgusted by what he saw; great fortunes made by fraud, insider trading, or at taxpayer expense. Favela saw that the system was weak – but he was not. Some people needed help. Some people needed to die.

Favela News

Looking Into Corrupt South Korean Family Owned Companies

UIJEONGBU, South Korea—On Aug. 1, Chey Tae-won, one of South Korea’s richest and best-connected men, will celebrate a $7.6 billion merger that consolidates his control over SK Group, a sprawling conglomerate whose businesses include oil refining, chemicals, telecommunications and the world’s second-largest manufacturer of memory chips.But there won’t be any...Read More

From Rio's Hillside Slums, Olympic Games Viewed As Missed Opportunity

PATH TO PROGRESS Residents of the impoverished favelas had hoped for plans to address Rio's inequality, but now some are decrying the 'exclusion Games.'Read More

When Olympic spectators opt for 'slum tourism,' who benefits?

Residents move about the slum 'Cidade de Deus,' or City of God, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on July 22.Read More

How A Favela Kid Became Brazil's Top Badminton Player

Ygor Coelho de Oliveira, Brazil's first Olympic competitor in men's badminton, stands inside the Miratus badminton school in Chacrinha, a favela on the western outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. His father started the program in 1998, and Mr. Coelho began playing at the age of 3.Read More

The Humble Roots Of Brazil's Golden Girl

Brazil's Rafaela Silva wins gold in Women's Judo 01:37Read More


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