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This Garment Shivers And Mutates Under The Gaze Of Others

We often think of our clothing as a second skin, but fabric doesn't react like skin does. Skin breathes. It shivers. It contracts. It's constantly in motion.  Read More »

      Sonia Rykiel, Fashion Designer For The ‘Fragile, But Strong,’ Dies at 86

      Sonia Rykiel, right, and her daughter, Nathalie Rykiel, in 2008. In a fashion world often seen as a fantasyland of beautiful people and expensive, impractical Read More »

          This British Indie Rock Goddess Is The Original Afropunk

          Tall and gangly, with a cleanly shaven head and an unearthly wail that could shatter glass, the¬†Skunk Anansie¬†frontwoman known as Skin is the kind of indie rock Read More »

              As French Towns Ban The Burkini, Some Fashion Designers Embrace It

              HOW OTHERS SEE IT The fashion industry is producing burkinis that are colorful and modern in an effort to cater to those seeking modest yet stylish swimwear. That Read More »

                  Nice Tote, But Where’s My Pen?

                  From left, the Herschel Supply Bamfield tote, the Pal Zileri shopping tote and the Pacific Tote Company Big Sur tote. Read More »