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Men’s Jewelry Market Grows

The ¬†market for men's jewelry is growing, but don't think 70s era gold chains and shirts opened to the navel. The trend now is more subtle, trying to draw guys who Read More »

      The Shoe Business is about to Change

      3D Printing is one of those things that we've been hearing about for a long time, and its not quite ready for prime time. But when it is, it's going to change entire Read More »

          The Real Way to Shop for a Custom Suit

          Izzy Zuber has been selling custom suits in Manhattan for over 30 years. He knows what's talking about. This is what he has to say. Read More »

              Saint Laurent – This is a Fashion Show, Right?

              Designer Hedi Slimane showed real clothes; like, say, the ones you're wearing right now, alongside his new designer collections. But why? "Backstage, Mr. Slimane Read More »

                  The End of Net-a-Porter?

                  The high end, more editorial and artistic fashion site Net-a-Porter is about to be merged with discount fashion retailer Yoox. ¬†Is this the end of Net-a-Porter as we Read More »