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Can Germany Win Back The Watch Snobs?

Japanese whiskey, British cuisine: There is something bracingly refreshing about the non-obvious. Read More »

      A Winning Look (Outside The Pool) For Michael Phelps

      Michael Phelps in his warm-up parka before a race Tuesday at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Read More »

          Why Did Cannes Ban The ‘Burkini’ From Its Beaches?

          Due to a new ordinance in Cannes, France, women who attempt to wear burkinis – full coverage swimsuits that cover the wearer's head, meant to comply with Muslim Read More »

              ‘Reigning Men’ Traces 300 Years Of Men’s Fashion At LACMA

              "Reigning Men" is the name of an exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art that traces 300 years of men's fashions — from the trousers that became a Read More »

                  Vive Le Confort! For Corseted Courtiers, This Dress Was A French Revolution

                  This rare 1700s robe volante, or "flying dress," was recently purchased by Palais Galliera, a fashion museum in Paris. Read More »