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Many Outrage readers are secular; many are religious. Our latest book will appeal to both groups. Counting to God: A Personal Journey through Science to Belief, by Doug Ell, is the story of a man who followed a typical path to success; undergraduate degree from MIT, then advanced math degree, then a law degree and a career as a very successful Washington lawyer, with the NFL as his biggest client.

But Ell also led a double life; while carrying on his very conventional legal life, married with kids, he also spent a great deal of time putting his scientific education to use, studying the latest discoveries in science. He came to some surprising conclusions, believing both in the power of modern science, the big bang theory, and conventional religion. In short, Ell found a convincing way to reconcile science and religion.

Tomorrow, Wednesday June 11 he will introduce his book at MIT, the first time, as far as we know, that a book advocating a designed universe will be introduced at a major American college campus.

You can also buy the book at Amazon: www.amzn.to/1xonfnX 

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