Give the sniper what he wants! He wants media attention, and the media is only too happy to comply,
giving every word of this deranged publicity hound more attention than was ever devoted to the world’s greatest minds. Over 1,000 federal agents are on the case and, it seems, even more reporters. He’s the star of every news program.

We live in the Washington area, but are we worried about the sniper? Hell no! We’re worried about being killed by a careless or drunk driver:

Total number of people killed by the sniper thus far: 10, about one every 2-3 days in October.
Amount of news coverage: Infinite

Total number of projected traffic fatalities this year: About 42,000, or 115 per DAY!
Recent stories detailing the dangers of driving: None

(Actual deaths in 2001 were 41,730, and in 2000, 41,821. About half of the driving deaths each year are related to alcohol abuse.)

The media attention has little to do with rational safety concerns, and everything to do with entertainment – it’s virtually impossible to turn on the TV without hearing about the newest TV reality show, THE SNIPER; in this episode the police give a coded message to the sniper. And you’ll never miss an episode, because THE SNIPER is carried by all the news channels, 24 hours a day. But hey, if you really find death and destruction titillating, maybe you should check out this picture of a young woman, horribly disfigured after she was hit by a drunk driver:

Meanwhile, the media is focusing so much attention on the headline act, that it can’t even get the other bloody news right. Terrorists have struck in Moscow, taking over a theater, and everyone inside it. But how many people are inside? BBC says “over 100”. NBC says 700-1,000. But who cares, the next press conference about the sniper is in five minutes!

Get a clue America! If you pay attention to good people, maybe you’ll have more of them. And we can absolutely guarantee you that if you pay endless amounts of attention to the actions of very evil people, you’ll have more senseless violence.

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