Many Outrage readers recoiled in fear from the idea of a Gore presidency. What would happen if he were declared the winner of the 2000 election?
Fiscal conservatives declared it would mean out-of-control government spending!

The return of massive budget deficits! Huge growth in government! America would join forces with the UN to disperse your hard earned tax dollars around the globe. More handouts to mismanaged corporations. Good God, everyone would be gorging at the public trough!

If only Bush, the champion of free-markets and foe of big government,could prevail!

Government discretionary spending is now growing at 9% per year, in a non-inflationary environment, with 70% of this increase occurring outside of the defense budget. Farm subsidies have doubled, with a new bill calling for $190 billion in outlays. Mismanaged airlines pay their executives millions and still get public subsidies. Uncompetitive steel producers receive tariff protection. Defense contractors get, well, whatever they want.

Tell us again, who won the election?

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