Have you read Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged”? It’s a grimly prophetic version of the future – or what is now the current situation around the world. An almost unbelievable, but tragically true, mini-version of the book is playing out now in Zimbabwe.

Here’s the script:

  • An evil man, Robert Mugabe, steals the last election to become dictator.
  • Among other things, he implements a “land redistribution” program,which is simply a program to steal farms from productive white farmers and give the farms to his cronies and political supporters.
  • As a result, since all white farmers are being forced to abandon their farms, the country, which used to produce an agricultural surplus, is now on the verge of massive famine.
  • Zimbabwe, as well as a chorus of bleeding hearts from around the world, are now demanding that the rich countries provide aid, to prevent the forthcoming famine. Rather than focus on the cause of the famine,they site the “need of the moment” and natural conditions, such as draught, “beyond anyone’s control.” (This situation is much like the child who kills his parents, and then begs for mercy on the grounds that he is an orphan.)

Can you imagine the uproar if a white country passed laws saying that all people with black skin had to abandon their farms, many of which are the result of a lifetime of labor? But no similar uproar is now heard.And Mugabe is no fool – he knows that, no matter how many atrocities he commits, the West will send aid.

Here’s how this story ends:

  • Western TV cameras range around Zimbabwe, looking for the most pathetic examples of starving women, children, and old people.
  • he political left applies the necessary pressure to ensure that your tax dollars are used for “foreign aid”.
  • he vast majority of the foreign aid is stolen by Mugabe and his cronies, and used to buy weapons and luxuries in Europe.

“This new law has virtually criminalized the farming profession. It’s now a crime to produce food for my country at a time when the masses are
– Mike Clark, cattle rancher in Zimbabwe who is being forced off his

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