Imagine, if you can, that all the money you have in the bank – checking account, savings account, CD’s – whatever – is suddenly seized by the government. No, not     because you didn’t pay your taxes – the government seizes everyone’s bank accounts. And we mean you are shut out – the banks are literally closed, ATMs don’t work – complete shut down.

Think this is some nightmare only conjured up by the twisted minds at The Outrage? Think again – this is the reality for the people of Argentina. Young and old, rich and poor, Argentines are literally being deprived of every source of cash due to the government’s gross mismanagement of fiscal affairs, and its desperate measures to correct the resulting fiasco.

We’re not talking about limits on withdrawals. Normal citizens cannot get cash. Period. No cash to buy groceries, no cash to buy gas, no cash to pay employees. Affluent people suddenly become impoverished. All because of an arbitrary government seizure of their money.

Think it couldn’t happen in America? Are you old enough to remember Jimmy Carter’s gas rationing? How about when Richard Nixon, a Republican, instituted sweeping wage and price controls to control inflation? The Savings and Loan Crisis? And unless you were born yesterday – literally – you must remember that California has trouble keeping the lights on – do they run the banks like they run the utilities?

How safe is your money?


To read more about the Argentine banking fiasco see:

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