“I’m still underpaid”.
– Milwaukee Bucks point guard Sam Cassell, after signing a three-year $17 million         contract extension

On the same day, last Saturday, this quote appeared in the Washington Post, some other items of sporting interest made the news:

  • It was reported that NBA player Stephon Marbury of the Phoenix Suns was arrested for Extreme DUI, and speeding. His blood level was almost double the legal limit as he cruised at 75 mph through Scottsdale. Perhaps he was trying to drink away his rage over his lack ofcompensation.
  • The Washington Redskins, who have not had a good team in years, raised stadium parking rates by $5, to $20-25. If want to park so far away as to ride a bus to the stadium, parking remains a mere $15. The Redskins are also raising ticket prices; they already had the highest ticket prices in the league, at an average of $81.89, last season. The worst seats in the house will go for $44 next year.

    Of course, the Skins may need to raise prices, as they just hired a new coach, Steve Spurrier, and agreed to pay him $25 million over five years, despite the fact that he has never coached a game in the NFL. The Redskins are also offering some assistant coaches salaries approaching $1 million per year.


  • Terry Glenn, in offering to accept a Super Bowl ring from the New England Patriots, said “I felt like I was still part of that organization.” Glenn was suspended at the beginning of the year for failing a drug test; he was later inactive because of an injury. He was suspended again for refusing to practice. He returned, but was suspended yet again for the playoffs.

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